Behind the scenes at McDonald's: Employee reveals surprising food prep secrets

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.13 - 2023 8:24 AM CET

Employee reveals food prep secrets.

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If you've ever wondered how McDonald's prepares its popular breakfast items, one employee has taken to social media to lift the curtain.

A TikTok video by user blexican_shay83, an employee at a McDonald's in the United States, reveals that certain breakfast foods like eggs, pancakes, and burrito mixes are not made from scratch in the restaurant but come pre-packaged.

The video showcases packages of ready-made omelette patties, pancakes, and a burrito mix that includes eggs, sausage, and vegetables.

The employee notes that these items are simply reheated in the restaurant's kitchen before being served to customers.

While some social media users found this revelation surprising, others were less shocked. Comments ranged from sarcastic remarks about expecting gourmet chefs at fast-food restaurants to genuine curiosity about whether the employee thought the food was made from scratch before she started working there.

Interestingly, some former McDonald's employees chimed in, stating that the food preparation process was different in the past. They mentioned that in the '90s, employees would arrive early to prepare food from scratch. One former worker even noted that real eggs were cooked and used 20 years ago.

The video has sparked a range of reactions, from nostalgia for the old days of McDonald's to renewed criticism of fast food in general.

Watch the McDonald's video below

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