Bride's Bold Response to Last-Minute Wedding Guest Cancellation

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.10 - 2023 7:44 AM CET

Bride's Bold Response to Last-Minute Wedding Guest Cancellation.

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An Australian bride has sparked a significant online debate.

The bride, facing last-minute cancellations from guests for her interstate wedding, contemplated charging a "no-show fee" to cover the costs of their seats.

This decision was shared on the podcast "She's on The Money," where the bride sought opinions on whether it was acceptable to ask the guests, who canceled with only a few days' notice, to pay for their seats.

The wedding, which cost the bride AU$18,600, saw ten guests cancel their attendance in the final week, citing travel expenses as the reason.

This left the bride with a potential loss of AU$2,000.

She had provided a "Save the Date" notice one and a half years prior and sent formal invitations in January, with most RSVPs received by July.

The situation led to divided opinions among listeners of the podcast and social media users.

Some sympathized with the bride, arguing that the guests, having confirmed their attendance six months earlier, should have planned their finances better. Others felt it was inappropriate for the bride to request reimbursement, suggesting that wedding costs should be borne by the couple.

The debate reflects the complexities of wedding etiquette in modern times, where the financial burden of no-show guests becomes a contentious issue. While some believe it's the guests' responsibility to cover the costs of their late cancellation, others view the act of asking for reimbursement as turning the wedding invitation into a transaction.

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