Can you find the mistake in the basketball photo in 15 seconds?

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.08 - 2023 10:32 AM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
Can you find the mistake in the basketball photo in 15 seconds?

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I really like puzzles and riddles. They are fun and make me think hard. When I solve a tough one, I feel smart and like to share it with my friends.

I started loving puzzles when I was little, in school. My math teacher gave us fun problems that made us think in new ways. They were not normal math questions, but cool puzzles that I loved to think about.

I still love puzzles today. Doing them is like exercise for my brain. With so many things online that can distract us, it's good to keep our brains sharp.

Not long ago, I found a puzzle that was very tricky. It looked easy, but the answer was not clear right away. It made me remember how much I enjoy these kinds of challenges that make my brain work really hard.

Are you ready to share the experience with me?

Can you spot the mistake in this photo?

Photo: Private

In the picture, there's a guy playing basketball by himself. He's jumping up to throw the ball into the hoop. It looks like he's alone because you can't see anyone else in the picture. At first, everything in the picture seems okay. But if you look really carefully, you'll notice something is not right. It's like a little game to find the mistake, and you have only 15 seconds to do it. So, get ready, maybe put on your glasses, and start the clock. Good luck!

I've put the answer to this fun puzzle at the end of the article. But don't go look yet! Wait until your time is up. Try to figure it out on your own first, no peeking!

Did you find what was wrong? Time's up! Go ahead and scroll down to see the answer now.

Here's the solution

Photo: Private

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