College graduate who just got her first job shared her shock and dismay of working a 9-to-5

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.25 - 2023 12:36 PM CET

Screenshot: TikTok
Screenshot: TikTok

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A recent college graduate has taken to TikTok to express her shock and upset at the reality of working a 9-to-5 job, drawing attention to the growing conversation surrounding work-life balance.

Brielle, a young professional who recently commenced her career in the corporate sector of New York, shared her struggles in a heartfelt video posted on October 19.

The on-screen text, "in a 9-5 how do u have time for ur life," set the tone for her message as she detailed her daily routine and the toll it takes on her personal life.

In the video, Brielle explained that this was her first job out of college, requiring her to commute to the city daily, a necessity due to the high cost of living in the city.

Brielle's video quickly resonated with many, garnering 1.2 million views and over 7,300 comments.

Many viewers shared their empathy and related their own experiences, expressing the shared sentiment that the 40-hour work week is outdated and detrimental to personal well-being.

"The 40-hour work week is beyond outdated and your feelings are totally valid," one viewer commented.

Others emphasized the difficulty of balancing a full-time job, household chores, and a personal life, highlighting the significant amount of time spent at work compared to with family or friends.

A notable suggestion from the comment section was for the Gen Z population to work towards implementing a 4-day work week as they move into management positions.

The shift towards remote work was also highlighted as a potential solution to these commonly shared concerns.

In an email statement to Insider, Brielle expressed gratitude for her job, acknowledging the difficulty she had in securing employment post-graduation.

However, she also shared her concern for the mental well-being of workers in similar positions, emphasizing the need for sunlight, exercise, adequate sleep, healthy eating, and social connections — all of which are compromised with the current work structure.

“I leave for work before sunrise and get home after sunset,” she added, underlining the physical and emotional toll of her daily routine.

The topic of the 40-hour work week has become a hot button issue on TikTok, with millions of views and numerous videos discussing its relevancy and impact on workers’ lives.

A recent pilot program conducted by 4 Day Week Global, a New Zealand-based nonprofit, tested a four-day work week across various companies in the US, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The results showed that while work intensity decreased, efficiency and work-life balance improved, adding to the growing body of evidence supporting the need for change in our traditional work structures.

See the viral TikTok here:

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