Couple brings newborn twins home: They did not expect this reaction by their dog

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.05 - 2023 11:22 AM CET

Photo: @sinead.finn_ / TikTok
Photo: @sinead.finn_ / TikTok
The Dog's reaction takes the internet by storm.

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When new parents Sinead and Andy brought their newborn twins home, they were anxious about how their dog Alfie would react. However, Alfie's response was not only surprising but also heartwarming.

A video capturing this touching moment has garnered millions of views on TikTok, proving that a dog's love can be as deep as a human's.

A heartwarming introduction

The video, which has been online since October 1st, shows Alfie constantly by the twins' side, showering them with attention and protection. This video has already amassed over two million views and received more than 280,000 likes.

"From this heartwarming introduction, Alfie's relationship with the twins has been nothing short of incredible. He has shown a gentleness and protection that melts our hearts," Sinead said in an interview with Newsweek.

Alfie has not only won the hearts of his new family but also captivated a broad TikTok audience. The video captures many adorable moments, such as Alfie overseeing the twins' bath time with his owner and standing by their crib as if ensuring everything is as it should be.

According to Sinead, Alfie's protective instincts go even deeper.

"Whenever the twins cry, he gives a quiet whimper. He even nudges us with his paw as if insistently reminding us to take care of them. It's as if he has taken on the role of their guardian, ensuring they are safe and happy," the proud mom explained.

From concern to admiration

Although the couple initially had concerns about how their energetic dog would react to the newborns, Alfie's behavior has put all worries to rest.

"Despite my initial concerns about his high energy levels, he has a remarkable ability to switch to a gentle and protective mode around them," a relieved and happy Sinead said.

Watch the adorable video below.

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