Couple Drives More than 1.200 Miles for Sofa, Then Gets a Huge Surprise

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.21 - 2024 9:10 AM CET

A couple moved from Ohio to California and encountered an unexpected issue while trying to assemble their new sofa. Watch how they turn this mishap into a creative solution that will make you smile.

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Sophie Fonte and her boyfriend had specific ideas about their new sofa. Unfortunately, they overlooked one crucial detail.

The American couple had recently relocated from Ohio to California.

Initially, they noticed nothing amiss as they attempted to assemble the furniture in their new living room. However, it gradually dawned on them what their embarrassing mistake was.

In a TikTok video (linked below) that went viral earlier in the week, Sophie and her partner are seen trying to put together the sofa.

As they try to organize and assemble parts, their expressions grow increasingly skeptical. After a while, Sophie covers her face with her hands, while her boyfriend can only smile sheepishly.

Why? The room is far too small for the massive piece of furniture. The couple can't help but laugh at the situation, and TikTok users find it amusing too.

Since the beginning of the week, this peculiar spectacle has garnered over 12 million views and about 440,000 likes. Fortunately, the two still have an ace up their sleeve.

The TikTok videos show the solution right after the problem. In the video, we see Sophie and her boyfriend finally assembling the sofa.

While it just fits in the room, it seems there's no space for anything else. Nevertheless, the couple relaxes on their sofa for now. Sophie, however, isn’t keen on any suggestions from users to downsize or split the sofa in some way.

Instead, she promptly follows up her viral hit with another video. There, she proudly presents how she and her partner have solved the puzzle.

For this, they mounted the television directly above the sofa on the wall. The furniture is now also positioned right by the floor-to-ceiling windows.