Customer Orders Burger Just Before Closing Time and Receives Heartwarming Message on Receipt - Yet Vows Never to Order from There Again

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.15 - 2024 11:25 AM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
Despite the heartwarming message, the costumer vows to never ordering from the restaurant again.

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When hunger strikes and inspiration in the kitchen is lacking, or the thought of cooking is too daunting, many choose to have food delivered to their door.

This has become an increasing trend, benefiting many people during their busy everyday lives.

Not many who regularly order food from outside can avoid sharing at least one bizarre story about the experience. Whether it's receiving the wrong food, delayed delivery, or the courier encountering issues on the way, some stories are more bewildering than others, reports Mundo Deportivo.

A prime example of this is a Spaniard who, one late evening, decided to order some food to his home.

The individual had placed the order at the last minute and was fully aware that it was an inconvenience for those still working, which is why he apologized even before receiving his food.

"Sorry for the late call. I haven't eaten anything all day and am not feeling well. I understand if you decide to drop my order because you're closing. Thank you," he wrote in the comment section of the order.

However, the restaurant chose to overlook the time and made a warm-hearted decision. Not only did they deliver the two burgers the customer had requested, but they also included a little surprise.

"Thank you for your message. Don't worry about the late hour - it's totally fine. Here you have some garlic bread on the house. Hope you feel better soon. Take care!" read the message from the restaurant, written on the receipt.

One would think this gesture would warm the customer's heart, and it did - partially. The customer left a review on Google that read:

"They sent me garlic bread to make me feel better along with a touching message on the receipt. I would give them all a kiss on the forehead," he wrote excitedly.

However, the review took a turn.

"On the other hand, the cheese on the burger was so hard it resembled burnt plastic. I appreciate the gesture with the garlic bread, but they could really use a cooking course. Honestly, I would have preferred if they had just said they were closed. This was the first and last time I order from them," he continued after his sweet comment.

The receipt is shown below.

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