Do You Shower the 'Normal' Way? Woman Sparks Intense Debate Over '2 Ways' to Shower

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.14 - 2023 8:00 PM CET

Foto: Tiktok
Foto: Tiktok
Woman Sparks Intense Debate Over '2 Ways' to Shower.

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A TikTok user has sparked a heated debate about what the 'normal' way to take a shower is. When you take a shower, you probably have a certain way you prefer to stand. That's the case for most people. Therefore, it's apparently up for major debate whether you should stand facing towards or away from the showerhead.

This has led a TikTok star to ask the question about whether you shower in the 'normal' way or not. The video has created quite a debate on the social media platform, where it has received more than five million views. In this video, Alexandra Lee tells that she apparently showers in a different way than her mother.

She found this out when she decided to ask her mother for advice in connection with the renovation of her bathroom.

"It's such a basic thing we all do, but I've never thought about it," she says to the New York Post.

"There's definitely no 'right' way to bathe, but for some reason, we were both so surprised that someone would choose to do it the other way."

In the video, she talks about not realizing that there are 'two ways people bathe'. Apparently, she had assumed that everyone bathed the same way she does.

Alexandra also reveals that she almost never has her face towards the actual showerhead. Instead, she prefers to be turned away from it. "When I shower, the showerhead is behind me, so the water hits my hair and runs down my back," she says.

Then she tells about the way her mother showers. She has explained to her that she 'turns occasionally', but that she 'primarily faces the showerhead', so she gets hit in the face by the water. Alexandra was shocked to hear that her mother prefers to stand this way in the shower.

In addition, she insists that she believes the 'normal way' to shower is by turning away from the showerhead. "I feel like the normal way to shower is with the showerhead behind you," she says.

In the comment section, it's clear to see that there are divided opinions on the matter. There has been a lot of heated discussion about what the right solution is.

"Voluntarily getting 'waterboarded' doesn't sound fun at all," wrote a user who turns away from the showerhead. "Who the hell stands with their face towards the water," another commented. "Who doesn't turn towards the water," wrote a third. "I stand with my face towards the water all the time, except when I wash my hair," another user wrote.

However, there were also several users who explained that they prefer to turn under the water. This way, they make sure that both sides of the body are rinsed equally.

"I constantly move around like a rotisserie chicken! Equal time on both sides," wrote a user. "Constant rotation is the only way to do it," another commented.

"It's definitely silly, but TikTok always surprises me," says Alexandra to the New York Post. "You never know what will resonate with people, and it's about sharing your random thoughts and finding out that so many other people feel the same way."