Warning to dog owners after shocking discovery: ‘It shows an immense hate towards animals'

Written by Anniken Hauge

Apr.26 - 2017 11:15 AM CET

A German dog owner had a shocking experience when he walked his dog last week. The police are now warning all dog owners.

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A 25-year-old dog walker had a bad experience last week, when the person concerned walked his dog in a popular park in the German city Frankfurt. 

The local police were immediately notified, and discovered a total of 10 parts from razor blades that had been stuffed into small pieces of hot dogs.  

It is reported by Frankfurter Neue Presse, according to the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

Foto: Politiet i Frankfurt


Accordingly, the police are warning all dog owners to exercise caution, as swallowing a razor blade can cause death for the animals. 

According to Siri Martinsen from the Norwegian animal organization Noah, there have been many similar cases in Norway. She does not know what the motives behind these actions are, however she belives it may concern animal hatred: 

- This is definitely not the actions of a healthy person. Some of these people might have one or more diagnoses. Sometimes it concerns an immense animal hatred, says Siri Martinsen to Dagbladet.no.

'Treats' containing dangerous items have been discovered in Denmark as well, in places where people often walk their dogs. Jane Jensen had a particularly bad experience in the beginning of March, when she discovered hot dogs and meatballs in her backyard in Aarhus containing pills. 

- I was so shocked and furious, I felt really helpless! This morning I found two hot dogs and a meat ball containing pills - in my own backyard. And the discovery is happening exactly at the same time as my dogs are standing right next to me. What the hell! What is going on in this world, Jane Jensen wrote on Facebook about her discovery.

The 31 year old woman hopes her post on the popular social media will work as an effective warning to other dog owners.  

Last fall the local police warned dog owners after to unknown perpetrators had stuffed pills into meatballs in two public places in Sweden - including a dog park. 

- People should exercise caution. Experience shows that there are usually a couple of these cases coming together, stated Henrik Karlsson from the Swedish police.


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