Driver stuck in traffic starts to sing karaoke: Video goes viral

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.01 - 2023 9:56 AM CET

Photo: X/Twitter
Photo: X/Twitter
Driver stuck in traffic starts to sing karaoke.

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In a recent viral video, a Mumbai driver has found a creative way to make the most of the city's notorious traffic jams.

Shared by comedian Samay Raina, the video shows the driver turning an Andheri traffic signal into an impromptu karaoke stage.

Armed with a microphone and speaker attached to his vehicle, the driver entertains commuters with his singing.

The video begins with the driver singing a song, capturing the attention of those around him.

Once he finishes, he tells Raina that he sings to break the monotony of being stuck in traffic.

Since being posted on October 31, the video has garnered over 70.000 views and received more than 2,000 likes, along with numerous comments praising the driver's ingenuity and talent.

Watch the funny and heartwarming video below. If the embed doesn't work, you can view the video via the link.