Elderly man's passport renewal reveals unusual use by wife

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.05 - 2023 10:35 AM CET

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Elderly man's passport renewal reveals unusual use by wife.

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A passport is more than just a travel document; it's a personal testament to one's identity and a key that unlocks borders around the world. It's a holder of memories, stamped with the chronicles of journeys taken, and a sacred item that demands respect and care. Defacing it in any way is not just a violation of international travel norms but also a personal affront to one's own documented history.

Yet, in a whimsical defiance of such conventions, a video has emerged that captures the internet's attention for its sheer novelty.

The footage showcases a passport that has been repurposed into a domestic ledger and phone directory. Shared by Twitter user @DPrasanthNair, this video reveals the pages of what should be a pristine document filled with names, numbers, and notes of financial transactions.

The voiceover in the video, translating from Malayalam, reveals a mix of humor and dismay.

"This is my father's passport," the man says, "And this—my mother's handiwork."

He flips through the pages, each one a canvas of personal contacts and small loans: "₹2,000 to Bindu, ₹1,000 for marriage, ₹500 for Thulasi," and so on.

Posted on November 2, the video has since become a viral sensation, eliciting laughter and disbelief in equal measure.

It has amassed a significant number of likes and shares, sparking a conversation about the sanctity of personal documents and the unexpected ways in which they can be used—or misused.

You can watch the funny video below. If the embed doesn't show, please follow the link instead.

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