Farmer Dresses Watermelons in Panties: Social Media Mocks Him, But There's a Serious Reason Behind It

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.14 - 2024 8:22 AM CET

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
A farmer has devised a method to keep his fruit always fresh and "healthy."

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Every farmer has their own little tricks and strategies for cultivating their vegetables to the best of their ability. However, some of these secrets are not understood by everyone, especially if they are as unique as those invented by a Chinese farmer who, due to many negative comments, had to delete the post from his Facebook profile.

Indeed, the protagonist of the story, when his watermelons reach a certain weight, hangs them in a metal net and places them... inside lace panties.

The trick of using underwear for fruit and vegetables might seem foolish and nonsensical, but in reality, it has a very good reason behind it. Here's what this strategy is all about.

Blue, fuchsia, or bright green lace panties with large watermelons inside. This is the trick employed by a Chinese farmer to best grow his watermelons. But what's the purpose?

According to the Daily Star, referencing what the farmer wrote in his (now removed) Facebook post, the panties allow the fruit growing on the ground, such as watermelons or melons, for example, to "breathe" better.

Indeed, the underwear, hung with the fruit inside, would allow the latter to remain cool and not rot due to the humidity of the soil.

Of course, the underwear used by the story's protagonist is clean, and in fact, all the panties hung on the net of his garden still have the tag attached.

The farmer at the center of the story was forced to remove the post from social media due to all the ironic comments, and mostly negative feedback from other users who wrote tasteless jokes and even offensive remarks.

However, his story has gone viral.

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