Father captures hilarious moment with daughter: Laughs when he zooms in on the photo

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.21 - 2023 3:32 PM CET

Photo: Privat
Photo: Privat
He can't hold his laughter back when he sees the photo.

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A family day out at an amusement park turned into a viral sensation for one father and his young daughter.

The family had just enjoyed a performance when the little girl spotted some horses and insisted on going over to them.

Obliging her request, the family accompanied her to the animals.

The father decided to capture the moment by taking a photo of his daughter with the horses. As he zoomed in on the picture later, the family burst into laughter.

The little girl had maintained a big smile on her face, seemingly aware that something was moving behind her.

The photo revealed that one of the horses had photobombed the picture, adding an unexpected twist to the family's day and leaving them with a memorable snapshot.

Photo: Private

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