Father-daughter dance at wedding takes unexpected turn, leaving guests screaming in delight

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.04 - 2023 4:36 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
The guests were screaming in delight.

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Weddings are emotional events, especially for parents giving away their children. This was the case for American Nathan Ellison, whose daughter Mikayla Ellison Phillips got married on October 8 in Utah, USA.

The wedding dinner was followed by a dance, and after Mikayla and her husband Cody had their moment, Nathan asked for a dance with his daughter.

In front of 400 guests, father and daughter took to the dance floor to a slow song. Suddenly, the music stopped, and the pair broke into a dance routine to MC Hammer's iconic "Can't Touch This."

The unexpected twist had the guests cheering and screaming in excitement.

A secret practice pays off

It turns out that the duo had been practicing in secret for this special moment. "I'm the oldest and only girl, so this was my dad's only chance to do something like this. He's been talking about it for years. Now he got to do it," said Mikayla Ellison Phillips, who has been dancing her whole life, unlike her father, who works in computer sales.

The couple had practiced so much that even Nathan looked like a professional dancer.

The music was mixed by the groom, Cody. "We practiced every night before the wedding, and it came naturally to us now that we've talked about it for so many years," explained Mikayla.

"The best part was seeing how happy my dad was. It was a dream come true."