Father Surprises Son with $1,300 Gaming Computer: Contents Not as Expected

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.09 - 2024 1:25 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Father Surprises Son with $1,300 Gaming Computer.

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Receiving a PC generally brings joy, but this time, a father was severely deceived when he purchased a "gaming" PC for $1.300, only to find its configuration was surprisingly outdated.

A 10-Year-Old Gaming PC Setup Not Worth $1.300

Hoping to delight his son and enable him to play the latest big games, a father thought he had snagged a good deal by buying a gaming PC for $1.300. This amount, quite fair by today's standards, usually secures a robust setup capable of handling current and upcoming games.

At this price, one might expect a worthy gaming PC with a recent graphics card like the RTX 4060 Ti and a modern processor such as the i5 13400F, capable of supporting ray-tracing and running AAA games smoothly. Unfortunately, this father ended up with a machine far from expected. The so-called custom-made computer came equipped with Nvidia’s GTX 1660 Ti and an Intel i5 2500 processor without K – decidedly outdated hardware.

The Intel i5 2500 processor, first launched in 2011 and last updated for security and maintenance in 2019, operates with now obsolete DDR3 RAM and an old motherboard. While the GTX 1660ti graphics card, released in 2019, delivers decent performance for relatively new games at medium or high settings, its effectiveness is hampered by the outdated processor, which will inevitably slow down the graphics card for both gaming and general PC use. The setup is certainly not worth the price and will struggle with demanding games, leaving both father and son disappointed.

The Risks of Investing in Outdated Hardware

This Reddit post has sparked reactions among netizens, rightfully calling it a scam. Believing to have acquired a powerful, customized gaming PC, this unfortunate father ended up with a setup predominantly outdated and not at all reflecting the money spent.

While such cases are thankfully "rare," it can sometimes be tempting to opt for an "older" PC to minimize costs. However, this poses a significant risk of ending up with outdated hardware lacking modern features. Additionally, upgrading it later could be more expensive than initially investing in a newer computer setup.

In response to the Reddit thread, one user writes:

"Just let your friend know next time he wants to buy something you can help him," while another chimes in, saying, "That's the best answer you can give, to be honest."

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