Freeze an egg before frying it: Your kids will love this

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.25 - 2023 3:27 PM CET

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
You'll love these tiny 'surprises'.

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Are you tired of eating scrambled or soft-boiled eggs every morning? Or are you looking for a way to prepare eggs for your child that will surely be a hit? If yes, then you should freeze the egg before frying it.

This trick was shared by a man named John Nonny in a video where he shows how he uses a frozen egg to make mini sunny-side-up eggs.

It's not as simple as making a soft-boiled egg or scrambled eggs, but the result is fantastic when you do it this way.

In the video, he starts by taking the frozen egg out of the freezer and placing it on a cutting board. Then he removes the shell from the cold egg, which is a bit more challenging than usual. However, he says it gets easier if you wait a minute, as the shell then becomes easier to remove from the egg.

The next step is to slice the frozen egg. In the video, you can see that he slices it into slices that are the same thickness as you would use, for example, for an egg sandwich.

After you have sliced your frozen egg, you should heat some olive oil in a pan and place the egg slices in it. Furthermore, he explains in the video that he fries his egg slices over medium heat. Whether you flip them at some point, as he does, is, of course, a matter of taste.

When the mini sunny-side-up eggs start to look like real sunny-side-up eggs, they are ready to be taken out of the pan and eaten either alone, on rye bread, or in any other way.

In the video, the two men say that it will definitely be a hit with children, as it resembles the gummy egg candies that you can find, for example, in Haribo Starmix bags.

Watch the video below

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