Friends dazzle in gala dresses, But it's the hidden detail that has the internet in stitches

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.09 - 2023 9:31 PM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
It's the hidden detail that has the internet in stitches.

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Prom night is one occasion where students swap their textbooks for ball gowns and ties. But let's be honest, pulling off a successful prom night sometimes requires a bit of creativity, especially when it comes to alcohol.

Meet Eleanor, a young and inventive student who took the internet by storm with her ingenious plan. She and her friends wanted to add a little extra fun to their evening, so they decided to sneak alcohol into the school. But Eleanor, oh Eleanor, she did it with style!

Instead of hiding a bottle or a can, which would arouse suspicion, she used a giant flask as her "clutch bag." The shiny metal construction closely resembled a regular gala purse. She carried it in her hand as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Clever, isn't it?

What's even more impressive is that no one would have discovered her plan if she hadn't shared it on the internet herself.

So, whether there was actually alcohol in that large flask remains a mystery. But one thing is certain - Eleanor was proud to have outsmarted the system and created an unforgettable prom night.

While we love a good story of ingenuity, it's still best to abide by the law and school rules. But we can't help but smile at Eleanor's flask adventure.

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