Friendship tattoo goes hilariously wrong: Sweet gesture turns into tearful disaster

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Sep.03 - 2023 7:12 PM CET

Matching tattoos have become a popular way for friends to symbolize their bond. The idea is simple: each person gets half of a design, and when they're together, the two halves form a complete image. But for Alaina Nicole, this sweet gesture turned into a tearful disaster.

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The intention was pure. Alaina and her friend decided to get tattoos of half a butterfly each. When combined, they would form a beautiful, complete butterfly. However, the end result was far from what they had envisioned.

Upon seeing her new ink, Alaina couldn't contain her emotions. The half butterfly on her arm bore an unfortunate resemblance to a flaccid male genitalia. The realization was too much for her, and she broke down in tears.

A video of Alaina's reaction was shared on TikTok, capturing her initial shock and subsequent breakdown. In the clip, she reveals her tattoo and then shows it next to her friend's. Together, they look nothing like the elegant butterfly they had hoped for.

The internet was quick to react. The video went viral, garnering over six million views. Nearly 700,000 users liked the post, and it received more than 7,000 comments. Many viewers were in disbelief, questioning how the tattoo artist could not have seen the glaring mistake. Others offered words of comfort and suggested ways to cover up or modify the unfortunate design.

While the experience was undoubtedly traumatic for Alaina, it serves as a cautionary tale for others. Always research and choose a reputable tattoo artist, and make sure to see a mock-up of the design before committing. As for Alaina, she can take solace in the fact that tattoos can be covered or altered. With the right artist, her butterfly might still take flight.

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