Hairy Woman Sells Picture of Herself: The Amount Of Money She Makes From It Is Crazy

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.22 - 2023 4:48 PM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
A hairy woman has hit back at critics who think she is 'disgusting' because she does not shave.

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It's no secret that most girls and women regularly shave various parts of their body. They do this because they want to be completely smooth.

However, not all women feel this way. Instead, there are women who want to let their hair grow, including the hair on their legs and in their armpits.

This is the case for a woman who has become known under the username @ittybittycherry on the social media platform TikTok. Here, she has managed to gather around 130,000 followers.

She has received a lot of criticism for her choice not to shave, and many have called her 'disgusting'. The woman has chosen to respond to the many critics by revealing that she earns a lot of money by not removing her body hair.

In a video on the social media platform TikTok, she lies with her arm over her head, thereby revealing that she has hair under her arms.

"You might think I'm disgusting because I'm hairy, but I earn $20,000 a month by not shaving," she wrote as text to the video.

The woman, who describes herself as a 'completely natural earth-loving free spirit', does not only make money through social media like TikTok. She also sells more risqué content via the platform OnlyFans.

She has previously revealed that she once dated a man who offered to pay for her laser hair removal expenses because he did not like her body hair.

Photo: TikTok

'How often do you shower?'

"I'm so glad I didn't do it and let my younger self be manipulated. I wouldn't be successful now, and it's painful," she said.

The woman, who embraces her natural beauty, revealed that she is often asked how she maintains her body hair.

"The main thing I'm asked about is how often I bathe," she said.

"As if you're concerned about that. Do you think you can smell me through the phone? I bathe every other day or maybe every third day."

"It's not that I never bathe. It's just not as often as it would be if I were around people and not swimming."

In this context, she explained that she swims several times a week. In addition, she also stated that her body hair does not bother her. She has also claimed that it does not smell, as she regularly uses deodorant.

Moreover, she has also questioned why other women choose to shave. She does not believe that one needs to shave to be beautiful.

"I would like to ask, why do you shave? Is it because everyone else does it? Is it because you like how your skin feels when it's smooth?"

"Is it because there are a lot of ads telling you that you need to shave to be beautiful? Because you don't have to."