Heartwarming video: Daugther with cerebral palsy enjoys walking with mum

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.21 - 2023 4:09 PM CET

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
Daugther with cerebral palsy enjoys walking with mum.

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A video that has touched many hearts was recently shared on Facebook.

It features a mother and her daughter, who has cerebral palsy, taking a walk together at a fuel station. The mother is seen pushing a standing frame that her daughter is using.

The girl's face lights up with joy as they move around, showcasing the strong bond between them.

The mother shared that the standing frame is more than just a mobility aid for her daughter. It helps control her hand movements and provides stability, despite feeling a bit restrictive.

The daughter acknowledges the significant improvement it brings to her life, enhancing her overall well-being.

The online community has been quick to commend the mother for her steadfast support and dedication to her daughter's well-being. Comments flooded in, praising her for going above and beyond to ensure her daughter's comfort and mobility.

You can watch how the girl's face just lights up with joy in the video below

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