Homeless man chooses coffee over beer and receives unexpected generosity

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.25 - 2023 10:28 AM CET

Photo: Tiktok
Photo: Tiktok
Homeless man chooses coffee over beer and receives unexpected generosity.

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In a heartwarming act that has gone viral on TikTok, a popular user named @biphakathi1 decided to help a homeless man named Hendrik.

The video has garnered 3 million views and over 180,000 likes.

In the video, @biphakathi1 approaches Hendrik with two items in his hands: a bottle of beer and a cup of coffee. When asked to choose between the two, Hendrik opts for the coffee, stating that he is "not an alcoholic."

To his surprise, the cup is filled with R100 notes($5.33), amounting to R3,000 ($161). Hendrik is left speechless and grateful, thanking the good Samaritan with a hug.

The video has elicited emotional responses from viewers, praising Hendrik for making the right choice and @biphakathi1 for his generosity.

Hendrik's decision to choose coffee over beer is a testament to his character. It's a choice that many might not have made, given the circumstances. What does this say about the power of choice in our lives?

You can watch the heartwaming video below

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