Influencer made a video about 'undressed neighbor in the window': What happened next, she definitely had not expected.

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.18 - 2023 3:23 PM CET


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Jen Lauren is an influencer residing in New York City, USA. She frequently uses her social media platforms to share glimpses of her daily life, including posts on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Recently, she uploaded a brief video on TikTok, where she posed an almost bizarre question to her viewers.

She sought advice on how to appropriately tell her neighbor that she had seen her completely undressed.

At that point in time, Jen had just moved into her new apartment. This made her wonder if it was a recurring behavior for her neighbor not to draw her curtains.

Furthermore, she speculated whether her neighbor might have seen her boyfriend and consequently undressed on his account.

"I have to be honest: I am jealous. That's where this is coming from. I don't care if she's embarrassed. Clearly, she's not, or else she would have pulled her curtains down," she says in her video.

"I don't want Ethan (her boyfriend) to see another woman naked every day. I am losing it."

Later, she shared a video on YouTube where she sits at her desk revealing that her neighbor discovered the TikTok video.

"My naked neighbor in NYC found me... You won't believe what happened," she titled the video.

In this new video, she narrates that she can directly see her neighbor's window. At one point, she noticed something had changed.

In the new video, she tells that she can see directly into her neighbor's window. And at one point, she noticed something had changed.

"I look up, and I see this. She has put up a sign that reads 'TikTok'," she explains.

"I started to shake and ran into my kitchen to hide. I'm right here, and she's looking at me – it's frightening."

She also takes the opportunity to address her neighbor directly, apologizing if she felt violated in any way.

However, Jen also adds that she believes her neighbor might be 'playing along'. She even suggests that her neighbor might be 'enjoying it'.

So, I've put up a sign in my window. It's right in front of my face. I wrote: 'What's your @?' for TikTok," she says.

Jen then turns the camera around to show her homemade sign, which has been placed in a window in front of her desk.

"I don't love this, and that she has exposed me," she says, adding that she really needs curtains.

In the comment section, several people have commented on the fact that she has gone viral.

"I love this video, and can't believe it happened. It's so funny," one user wrote.

See the hilarious video here:

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