Irate mom hurls sandal at daughter from 50 meters: Now celebrated for 'Throw of the Decade'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.04 - 2023 7:57 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
The mom is now being celebrated for 'Throw of the Decade'

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In a world filled with modern parenting methods and educational philosophies, it's rare to see parents resort to using sandals as a disciplinary tool.

However, one furious mom took this old-school approach to a new level, albeit in a milder form than in days gone by.

The mother and daughter had gotten into an argument, which led the daughter to start running away from home.

Despite being more than 50 meters away, the mother managed to hit her daughter square in the head with her sandal, causing the daughter to fall to the ground.

Not meant to harm

It's worth noting that the mother's intention was not to harm her daughter; she used a lightweight sandal for the throw. The video of this incredible feat has gone viral, and people are praising the mother for her remarkable aim.

While some believe she went too far, others commend her for her impressive precision and determination. Comments on social media suggest that she should consider a career in professional American football, with some even dubbing it the 'throw of the decade.'

The incident has sparked a lively debate online, with people divided over whether the mother's actions were justified.

Nonetheless, her incredible aim has caught the attention of many, leading some to suggest that she might have a future in professional sports.

You can watch he incredible throw in the video below