It's only 19 seconds long: This is the very first video on YouTube

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.30 - 2023 8:22 AM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
This is the very first video on YouTube.

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Do you remember a time before YouTube? On February 14, 2005, a new website was launched that would eventually become an inexhaustible source of knowledge and entertainment.

That website is, of course, YouTube. But have you ever seen the very first video uploaded to this video-sharing platform?

Titled "Me at the zoo," the video lasts only 19 seconds.

The man behind the first-ever YouTube video is a user named Jawed, who surprisingly hasn't uploaded any more videos since.

Watch the very first Youtube video below

Despite this, he has nearly 4 million subscribers, although his content doesn't exactly fill their recommended videos.

The video itself has been viewed more than 284 million times, which is impressive until you compare it to the most-watched videos ever. "Baby Shark," for example, has been viewed almost 13.2 billion times, about 5 billion times more than the second most-watched video, "Despacito," with 8.23 billion views.

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