Joyce offers to take a photo of happy family: Days later she receives a heartbreaking message

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.02 - 2023 2:02 PM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
Days later she receives a heartbreaking message.

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Joyce Reinhardt never thought that a simple act of kindness would have such a profound impact.

She offered to take a photo of a seemingly happy family enjoying ice cream. However, the photo turned out to be much more than just a snapshot; it became a lasting memory for the family.

Joyce was at a local ice cream shop with her grandson, who had just finished his tennis lesson. She noticed a cheerful family also enjoying ice cream and felt compelled to offer to take their picture.

Photo: Private

"Something inside me made me stop and ask if I should take a photo of them," Joyce shared on her Facebook page according to

She took the photo and handed her phone to the young daughter, telling her to text the photo to herself.

This wasn't the first time Joyce had offered to take photos for strangers, but a few days later, she received a chilling text from an unknown number.

The message read:

"Dear Madam, you took a picture of us in front of Rita's on June 8th. My wife passed away yesterday, and this is the last photo we have of our family. Please accept my deepest gratitude for your kindness; it means everything to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Upon responding to the shocking message, Joyce learned that the man's wife had been ill for a year.

"Never underestimate small acts of kindness," Joyce later wrote.

"My heart goes out to this sweet family, whom I didn't even know, and I'm overwhelmed by the enormous gift I could give them by listening to my instinct that day."

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