Landlord's 'Beautiful' Christmas Act Applauded Online

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.28 - 2023 9:22 AM CET

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
Landlord's 'Beautiful' Christmas Act Applauded Online.

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An Australian landlord has received widespread praise on social media for their heartwarming gesture towards a tenant just a week before Christmas.

On December 17, a tenant shared on Facebook that they had discovered a card left at their doorstep upon returning home from church.

The card contained a $50 note with a message from the landlord expressing gratitude for the tenant's support and wishing them a Christmas filled with peace and joy, and a prosperous new year.

This image was shared on The Kindness Pandemic Facebook page.

Generosity in the Season of Giving

This act of kindness has resonated with many online, with numerous comments applauding the landlord for embodying the true spirit of Christmas. People appreciated the gesture as "wonderful" and praised the landlord for their kindness.

However, the story also highlighted contrasting experiences of other tenants. Some shared that their Christmas 'gift' from their landlords was a rent increase, with one tenant mentioning an annual pattern of rent hikes during the festive season.

Landlords Sharing Their Own Acts of Kindness

The post also inspired other landlords to share how they give back to their tenants during the holiday season. One landlord mentioned giving a week's worth of rent in gift vouchers to their tenants, a family of five, as a Christmas gesture.

The Facebook post about this generous act garnered over 5.000 likes and more than 100 comments, sparking a conversation about the relationship between landlords and tenants and the importance of kindness and generosity.