Little girl unexpectedly grabs the mic at fair: People are literally shocked when she opens her mouth

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.17 - 2023 12:12 PM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
People are literally shocked, when she opens her mouth.

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At a recent county fair, an unexpected star was born when a young girl took the stage and left the crowd in a mix of shock and awe. The fair, known for its family-friendly activities and entertainment, got a dose of hard rock when the little girl decided to perform Drowning Pool's "Bodies."

The young talent didn't just sing; she belted out the lyrics with a level of confidence and skill that belied her age. The audience, initially unsure of what to expect, quickly found themselves captivated by her powerful voice.

Choosing to perform "Bodies" by Drowning Pool was a bold move. The song, known for its intense lyrics and heavy instrumentals, is not what one would typically expect to hear at a county fair, especially not from a child. Yet, she not only took on the challenge but also nailed it, leaving the audience both shocked and stunned.

As she sang, the crowd's initial shock turned into cheers and applause. People took out their phones to capture the moment, knowing they were witnessing something extraordinary.

The performance quickly went viral, garnering attention and praise from social media users and even catching the eye of Drowning Pool's members.

The video of her performance has since gone viral, racking up thousands of views and shares. Social media users have been quick to comment on her incredible vocal range and stage presence, with many predicting a bright future for the young star.

Watch her performance below

The band's response

Even the members of Drowning Pool were impressed. They took to social media to praise the young girl's talent, stating that they were "blown away" by her rendition of their song.

Maybe she has a future as singer in the band?

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