Man faked his death to escape girlfriend: Two years later she bumps into him

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.14 - 2023 10:17 AM CET

Two years later she bumps into him.

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A 21-year-old man had borrowed money from his 18-year-old girlfriend before they broke up. Shortly after, the woman was informed that her ex-boyfriend had died.

However, it turned out not to be true.

According to Daily Mail, Rachel was 18 years old when she started dating a 21-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons. A few months into their relationship, the boyfriend broke his hand during a night out, which led to him losing his job as a chef at a local pub. He borrowed around $750 from Rachel to get by.

After some time, their relationship fell apart, and Rachel received around $225 of the money he owed her. She then heard nothing from him. Initially, she was told that he had gone to a rehab clinic, but later, mutual friends informed her that her ex-boyfriend had passed away.

According to Rachel, it was the ex-boyfriend's own mother who told their mutual friends that he had been killed by a motorcycle gang he owed money to.

Two years after the alleged death, Rachel went out to eat with a friend at the restaurant where her 'deceased' ex-boyfriend's brother worked. When they arrived, they asked a waiter if the brother was working, and were shocked when the waiter replied, "No, but his brother is."

Rachel called the police to try and get the rest of the money her 'dead' ex-boyfriend owed her, but the police said they couldn't do anything as it was her word against his.

The ex-boyfriend's mother later contacted Rachel, furious that she had caused a 'scene' at the restaurant, resulting in her son losing his job. According to Daily Mail, Rachel has seen her ex-boyfriend once more. This time she got close enough to talk to him, but he claimed not to know her and denied owing her any money.

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