Man followed by a cougar for six terrifying minutes, and captured the whole encounter on camera

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.17 - 2023 11:29 AM CET

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Photo: X
Man followed by a cougar for six terrifying minutes, and captured the whole encounter on camera.

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A video that initially surfaced a couple of years ago has recently gone viral again on Twitter, capturing the attention of social media users worldwide. The video shows a man being followed by a cougar for an intense six minutes, and he managed to film the entire nerve-wracking experience.

The man was hiking in Utah when he stumbled upon a cougar and her cubs. Realizing the potential danger, he started to back away slowly while keeping his eyes on the animal. The cougar, likely feeling threatened and protective of her young, began to follow him.

For six long minutes, the man continued to retreat, capturing the entire encounter on his camera.

Watch the terrifying encounter below

Understanding cougar behavior

Experts suggest that the cougar was likely trying to establish a safe distance between her cubs and the hiker. Cougars are known to be territorial animals, and this female was probably pushing the man away from her territory.

Despite the terrifying experience, the man was not harmed, and the cougar eventually retreated.

"I'd be running a little faster than that"

The video has sparked various reactions online. One user commented,

"Female protecting cubs. She is just pushing him away. What seems to last so long is just her showing you a safe distance. They cover large territories, so yeah she is pushing you for a while."

Another user humorously added, "I'd be running a little faster than that," highlighting the fear-inducing nature of the encounter.

While the video serves as a heart-pounding watch, it also offers valuable insights into the behavior of cougars in the wild.

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