Man pulls offensive wedding stunt, wife asks for divorce the next day

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.21 - 2023 10:12 AM CET

Man pulls offensive wedding stunt, wife asks for divorce the next day.

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A woman is seeking a divorce just days after her wedding, claiming that her husband violated her one non-negotiable rule during their reception.

The incident came to light when the bride shared her story on Slate's advice column "Dear Prudence."

The bride explained that she had one firm rule for her husband during their wedding reception: not to smear cake on her face.

Despite understanding this, her husband not only broke the rule but also planned the violation. He grabbed her by the neck and pushed her face into the cake, ruining it in the process. He had even prepared backup cupcakes, indicating that the act was premeditated.

Immediate fallout

The bride was extremely embarrassed and told her new husband that she was "done" with him.

She has since been bombarded with calls from family members urging her to reconsider, claiming she is overreacting. The bride, who suffers from claustrophobia due to a past car accident, experienced a panic attack when her face was pushed into the cake.

The bride is now questioning her decision due to the pressure from her family, who insist that she is making a terrible mistake. However, the advice column responded by supporting her decision to proceed with the divorce, citing the husband's actions as a "red flag" for lack of respect.

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