Man shares photo of his freshly tapped beer: The number on the card reader shocks people

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.11 - 2023 1:16 PM CET

Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit
The number on the card reader shocks people.

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A Reddit post by an Australian man has ignited a conversation about the soaring costs of enjoying a pint at a pub.

The man posted a photo of a pint of beer priced at $17.80 AUD, taken at a pub near The Rocks in Sydney. The image has sparked debates about whether the cost of a pint has become prohibitively expensive.

An Australian Reddit user recently shared a photo of a pint of beer with a card reader displaying a price of $17.80 AUD. The caption read, "$20 pints are just around the corner," indicating that the photo was taken at a pub near The Rocks, Sydney. The price equates to approximately $11.39 USD, a sum many consider extravagant for a mass-produced beer.

Photo: Reddit

The post has garnered a lot of attention, with many locals expressing their concerns. One Redditor mentioned giving up drinking for health reasons but also noted the financial benefits. Another said they had stopped drinking two years ago and questioned how people could afford to go out for drinks regularly.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also played a role in this discussion. With bars closed for an extended period, many have grown accustomed to drinking at home.

One Reddit user mentioned that the high prices are a deterrent from going out, opting to drink at home instead.

Australia has some of the highest average beer prices globally, according to the World Health Organization. A foreign-owned beer "duopoly" that owns popular brands like VB and Tooheys has been accused of anti-competitive contracts, potentially contributing to the high tap prices. Despite this, Australia ranks 17th in the world for beer consumption per capita.