Man watches touching video on his 60th birthday, gets shocked when he sees who's behind him

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.19 - 2023 1:02 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
He never saw it coming.

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As people age, it becomes increasingly difficult to find time to see friends due to work, family, and household chores. For two men, the distance between them had kept them apart for seven years.

However, one man's family had a brilliant idea to surprise him on his 60th birthday.

Randi, the daughter of the birthday man, revealed that her father hadn't seen his best friend, Ben, in seven years. So, they decided to fly Ben in for the celebration.

"My dad hadn't seen his best friend in 7 years, so we brought him in for his 60th birthday," Randi said.

The entire episode was captured on video by Randi Cross and shared online. In the video, the birthday man is seen sitting on a sofa, watching a video recorded by Ben. He's visibly moved by the video, but his reaction is nothing compared to what happens next.

At one point, Ben walks into the room where the rest of the family is gathered. He sneaks up behind the birthday man and gives him a hug. Initially, the man thinks it's his son hugging him and doesn't pay much attention.

But when he finally looks up and realizes it's Ben, he exclaims, "Oh, crap!" and quickly stands up. The two friends then share a heartfelt hug.

"It was truly an unforgettable surprise. Thanks to my daughter for the video and my wife for flying Ben and Michele in. I had absolutely no idea," said the birthday man. "It was the best birthday a father could ever wish for. I am incredibly blessed."

Watch the heartwarming video below: