MMA-star Francis Ngannou tries to open door: Then all hell breaks loose

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.12 - 2023 9:12 AM CET

Photo: X
Photo: X
Then all hell breaks loose.

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Francis Ngannou, a renowned MMA fighter, recently found himself in an unexpected situation that showcased his incredible strength.

Currently in Las Vegas to train for his upcoming match against Tyson Fury, Ngannou decided to visit a local electrical store. What happened next left everyone, including Ngannou, stunned.

The 37-year-old fighter was attempting to enter the store but found the door unyielding. After applying more force, the glass door shattered into pieces, leaving the MMA icon visibly surprised.

The store owner, who was less than pleased, confronted Ngannou immediately.

Watch the footage in the video below

Footage of the incident, which was captured without sound, quickly made its way to social media. The video shows the store owner assessing the damage while exchanging words with Ngannou outside the shop. The clip has since become a must-watch on various platforms.

According to "The Sun," Ngannou took responsibility for the incident and covered the cost of the damages. Later, both he and the store owner were seen posing for a selfie, smiles on their faces, putting a positive end to an otherwise tense situation.

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