Mother shocked as 7-year-old daughter comes home with tattoo: But the shock gets even bigger

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.05 - 2023 11:37 AM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
The shock gets even bigger.

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In a jaw-dropping incident, a mother was left stunned when her 7-year-old daughter returned home with a tattoo after a playdate.

The mother, known online as Newskii, revealed that her daughter Jayde had spent time with her father's family. During her stay with her aunt, Jayde called her mother to ask for permission to get a tattoo. Newskii promptly said no, thinking that would be the end of it.

However, she was shocked to find that her daughter had indeed received a poorly executed heart tattoo on her leg.

A mother's nightmare

Newskii took to TikTok to share her experience, showing the tattoo and exclaiming, "Who in their right mind tattoos a 7-year-old? Be careful who you let your kids be around!"

In the caption, she stated, "I just found out that my ex-husband's sister tattooed my child! She's 28, she's seven."

The video quickly garnered attention, with many urging her to contact the authorities. "Call child services and the police," one user commented. Others advised her to take her daughter to the doctor to ensure the tattoo was not infected.

In a follow-up video, Newskii interviewed her daughter to get more details. Jayde claimed that despite knowing she didn't have permission, her aunt went ahead and tattooed her.

The aunt allegedly also tattooed two of her own children without changing needles.

Unanswered Questions

Newskii is currently in another state and has contacted child services and the police but is still waiting for her ex-husband's reaction, as he is in prison.

She added that the police couldn't locate the aunt as she is homeless.

The incident has left many questioning the judgment of family members and the safety of children during family visits. It also raises concerns about the need for stricter regulations on tattooing minors.

Watch the episode in the video below