Nature's hide and seek: Can you find the camouflaged eagle?

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.13 - 2023 2:00 PM CET


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A recent Reddit post by user u/Ok_Replacement1669 has drawn significant attention for its intriguing content.

The user shared a photograph of a rocky terrain with an unexpected guest: a golden eagle. The challenge?

The eagle was so well camouflaged against the rocks that even the photographer initially failed to spot it while taking the photo.

The post, which quickly garnered over 20,400 reads, was captioned, "Attempted to take a photo of a golden eagle, but couldn’t see it in the camera. Spotted it later. Can you see it?"

The photograph depicts a rugged landscape with rocks that remarkably match the color of the golden eagle, creating a perfect natural camouflage.

This color similarity between the bird and its surroundings made it incredibly difficult for viewers to spot the eagle at first glance.

For those who struggled to find the eagle, the Reddit user later provided the answer, highlighting the bird's location.

The revelation further illustrated how seamlessly the golden eagle blended into the rocky terrain, a testament to the wonders of nature's camouflage.

The post not only served as a fun visual puzzle but also highlighted the remarkable ability of wildlife to adapt and blend into their environment, a crucial survival skill in the animal kingdom.

Can you find the eagle in the picture? See for yourself right here:

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