Oh, Deer me - Lunch crowd gets more than they ordered at Wisconsin eatery

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.26 - 2023 11:47 AM CET

Screenshot: Youtube
Screenshot: Youtube
Watch the wayward deer charging through the crowded Wisconsin restaurant

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Diners at Noodles & Company in Beloit, Wisconsin, found themselves sharing their lunchtime space with a four-legged intruder.

A deer, seemingly out to prove that not all restaurant critics are human, charged into the crowded eatery during the prime lunch rush, sending patrons and pasta flying.

The whole incident was captured on the restaurant’s surveillance cameras, showing the deer making a grand entrance through a window and causing a commotion as diners swiftly vacated their seats.

The bewildered deer then took a tour of the premises, exploring the dining area and kitchen, presumably checking if the establishment was up to forest standards.

The unexpected guest didn’t stick around for long, though. A quick-thinking employee opened a back door, allowing the deer to make its exit stage left, leaving behind a restaurant in disarray but thankfully, no injuries.

Noodles & Company spokesperson Stephanie Jerome told The Associated Press, "It’s not every day that you see a deer choosing noodle dishes over grazing."

She also confirmed that the location had since reopened after a thorough deep clean, proving that not even a deer can halt the pasta party for long.

To add a dash of humor to the situation, the restaurant announced a “2 Buck Mac & Cheese” special for the following day, a cheeky nod to their unexpected visitor.

Diners were invited back to enjoy their meals, this time, with a 100% deer-free guarantee. Or so we hope!

The people of Beloit and beyond have taken to social media to share the surveillance footage and their pun-filled commentary, proving that when life gives you deer, you make deer puns.

And while the deer's critique of the restaurant remains a mystery, one thing is for sure: this meal was truly one for the books.

Watch the wayward deer charging through the crowded Wisconsin restaurant below: