Optical illusion: Is this plane 'Hanging' mid-air?

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.17 - 2023 1:25 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Is this plane 'Hanging' mid-air?

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In a bizarre moment that has left onlookers puzzled, a plane was spotted seemingly 'frozen' in the sky above San Francisco.

The peculiar sight has sparked a flurry of online discussions, with many questioning whether the plane was actually hanging mid-air.

Experts were quick to weigh in, and according to Mirror, pilots explained that the plane was not actually suspended in the sky. The illusion is a result of a phenomenon known as "stall speed," where the plane appears to be stationary due to the angle and speed at which it is flying relative to the observer's point of view.

The internet was abuzz with reactions to the strange sight. People took to social media platforms to share their theories and explanations, with some even joking that the plane might be a part of a new Marvel movie.

This isn't the first time that optical illusions involving aircraft have caught the public's attention. Such phenomena often remind us of the power of perspective and how our eyes can sometimes deceive us.

Watch the mind-boggling moment below.

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