Parents forget to turn off ice maker: Watch their frosty surprise upon returning from 4-month travel

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.07 - 2023 7:42 AM CET

Watch their frosty surprise upon returning from 4-month travel.

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A TikToker named Sara Hayward shared a video that quickly went viral, capturing the moment her parents discovered their freezer turned into an ice cube bastion after a four-month absence.

The parents had embarked on a vacation, leaving their home's ice maker on without the ice container in place. Upon their return, they were greeted by an avalanche of ice cubes that had continued to produce in their absence, filling the freezer to the brim.

The video, which has amassed over 12.8 million views, shows the couple bracing for the chilly aftermath as they open their freezer door.

The humorous and somewhat shocking scene unfolds with ice cubes cascading out onto a tarp laid out in anticipation.

The incident sparked a flurry of comments and questions from the TikTok community, with many wondering about the absence of a sensor to halt ice production when the container is full.

It appears that the removal of the ice container allowed the machine to keep churning out ice unabated.

Amidst the humorous reactions, some users found a silver lining, jokingly noting that at least the family could be sure nothing in the freezer had thawed. Others shared their own appliance woes, with one comment about a Samsung fridge's ice maker leading to a discussion about warranty and repairs.

Watch the funny video below