Parents had to clear deceased daughter's apartment: What they found changed everything

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.10 - 2023 10:51 AM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
What they found changed everything.

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Back in 2013, the young nursing student Kristina Chesterman lost her life in the Californian city of Chico when she was hit by a suspected drunk driver while riding her bike.

Her devastated parents, Sandra and David, were left with the heartbreaking task of clearing out her apartment.

What they discovered there not only helped them cope with their grief but also inspired many others.

"I opened a drawer, and I found this makeup bag," Sandra told The Blaze. However, the bag didn't contain any makeup—just a piece of paper with their daughter's handwriting. It was a list of things she wanted to experience.

"She wanted to travel to Niagara Falls. Save someone's life, which she has done many times. By donating her organs, she saved lives. The next thing on the list makes me laugh. She wanted to break up two guys fighting over her, which I find so sweet," said Sandra.

Kristina likely wrote the list while she was in high school. It contained a variety of experiences and trips. Since she couldn't achieve them herself, Sandra and David decided to do them for her. They have traveled to Niagara Falls, run through a poppy field, and taken pilot lessons.

But it's not just the parents who are remembering their joyful daughter in this way—Kristina has also inspired others. Strangers started to check off experiences from Kristina's list, and the pictures of their journeys are being shared on her memorial Facebook page.

Kristina's heart was donated to 64-year-old Susan Vieria, who planned to complete all the items on the list.

"I think it's amazing that she could have that effect on people who didn't even know her," said her father David.

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