Photo of labradors has gone viral: Can you spot the second dog?

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.04 - 2023 8:57 AM CET

Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit
Can you spot the second dog?

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A captivating photo shared on Reddit has sparked curiosity and confusion among viewers trying to locate the second of two Labradors.

The owner, Matthijs Delvers, was equally puzzled when his wife sent him the image, which only seemed to show one dog waiting at home. This is reported by Newsweek.

The photo, which has garnered attention on the r/labrador subreddit, features two dogs, but the second dog's clever camouflage has left many second-guessing their observation skills.

Foto: Reddit

Delvers, surprised by the accidental optical illusion created by his wife, shared the image with friends and then with the wider community on Reddit and a Facebook page dedicated to Labradors, prompting a wave of amused reactions and comments.

The challenge of spotting the second dog has led to a variety of responses from Reddit users, with some nearly giving up before having an "aha" moment. One user even coined the term "pupception" to describe the visual trickery at play.

For those still in search of the elusive second dog, a hint was provided in the comments: "I spy two snoots."

We will give you a last chance to look at the original image, before we give you the solution.

Are you ready to get the answer?

Now take a look at the image below.

Photo: Reddit

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