Police surprised when 11-foot crocodile pays visit to police station

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.24 - 2023 10:42 AM CET

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
Police surprised when 11-foot crocodile pays visit to police station.

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In a bizarre incident, a South African police station near Mandeni had an unexpected visitor—a nearly 11-foot crocodile. The police had to call for backup to handle the situation.

The crocodile was eventually captured and relocated to the Hluhluwe area. The incident was shared by IPSS S&R, a non-profit organization offering search and rescue services, on their Facebook page.

The post has since gained significant attention, sparking conversations about wildlife and safety.

A call for backup

The police station called for assistance around 10 pm on Wednesday night after discovering the crocodile behind the station. A team responded and found the large adult crocodile. Given the unique situation, they decided to call for help from Ashton Musgrave, a local with experience in safely capturing crocodiles.

The crocodile was safely captured and loaded onto a waiting vehicle. It measured a massive 3.3 meters (nearly 11 feet). After discussions with relevant authorities, the decision was made to relocate the crocodile to the Hluhluwe area.

The Facebook post has garnered numerous likes and comments. While some suggested that the area should be inspected for more crocodiles, others pointed out that the Nile crocodile is a protected species in South Africa, and it's illegal to keep or kill one.

Watch the huge crocodile in the Facebook post below

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