Rory Feek and daughter Indy, 8, share heartwarming duet: 'A moment of pure joy'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.24 - 2023 4:25 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
'A moment of pure joy'.

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Rory Feek, who lost his wife Joey to cervical cancer, has been the sole caregiver for their daughter Indiana, born with Down Syndrome.

Indiana was just two years old when her mother passed away, a few months after her birth. Rory has since been a doting father to Indy, who is now 8 years old and, according to him, the greatest blessing in his life.

In a blog post titled "Crib Notes," Rory emphasizes that Indy is not a mistake but a beautiful child who deserves love and respect like any other. He aims to dispel the notion that children with Down Syndrome are any less valuable or lovable.

Indy has developed a keen interest in her father's profession and often joins him on stage. A one year old video of them singing "Daddy What If" has touched millions of hearts.

Rory chose this particular song, which he has loved for years, and even adapted the lyrics to fit Indy's vocabulary, changing "Daddy" to "Papa," the name she uses for him.

After rigorous practice, Indy was thrilled to perform the song with her father. Rory recalls the magical moment when they sang together in front of an audience, describing it as special for both of them and the listeners.

Following the live performance, Rory contemplated recording the song in a studio. He released the video on Father's Day last year, reflecting on the joy it would bring to Joey, Indy's late mother, to see their daughter blossoming into a beautiful young lady with a love for music.

Watch the heartwarming video below