She ordered a cake for her colleagues: They could not believe their eyes when they opened the box

Written by Fergus Hart

Sep.02 - 2023 12:30 AM CET

Photo: Rikke Østergaard Guldager
Photo: Rikke Østergaard Guldager
It was just supposed to have been a small bite of cake for the colleagues in the art club at work. But when Rikke Guldager saw the baker's work, she was deeply impressed.

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Every now and then it's a good idea to sweeten the working day with something delicious, and in many workplaces that translate to a good cake for the coffee break.

And that was exactly what Rikke wanted to do for her colleagues the other day, and therefore she had ordered a cake from the baker in the local grocery shop, Meny.

- Well, I actually just wanted to order a cake for my colleagues as we have an art club at work. We would like to recruit some more members and wanted to entice them with a piece of cake to get more people into the club, she reports to

On Tuesday she drove down to her local Meny shop in Rønde, near Ebeltoft in eastern Jutland in Denmark, and told the baker that she would like to ask for an "artistic" cake.

- I thought she was just going to make a plain cake. Nothing totally wild and stunning, but maybe a cake that I could decorate or one with a little funny motive on.

- So I asked if they could do something that looked like children's art with a house, a flagpole and perhaps a seagull, said Rikke to

Rikke made it absolutely clear that she did not expect to get Edward Munch's “The Scream” decorated on the cake.

But apparently that was a joke the baker could not get out of her mind, so she took up the challenge. When Rikke picked up the finished creation in the shop on Thursday morning, she couldn't take her eyes of the cake...she was totally impressed and amazed. 

The artistic cake from the local baker. Photo: Rikke Østergaard Guldager

Because in the box she found a beautiful and graciously decorated cake made as Edward Munch's painting "The Scream", which almost took Rikke's breath away. A cake so great, that even the best pastry chef would be astonished.

- When I ordered the cake, I did actually say that I did not expect the baker to decorate "The Scream "on the cake, so I was somewhat surprised, she said.

The colleagues at work were also very impressed by the artistic cake.

- It took a long time before anybody dared take a piece. But it tasted great too, Rikke emphasized.

On Facebook, the amazing cake has gone viral and has had nearly 5,000 likes in one day.

See the cake for yourself below - and compare with the original painting by Edward Munch here.

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