Stewardess knocks on overhead cabin, passengers get the surprise of their lives

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.04 - 2023 2:17 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Passengers get the surprise of their lives.

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Most people can agree that some flights are more memorable than others, whether for good or bad reasons. Many have experienced flights marked by severe turbulence, making them unforgettable.

However, flights can also be memorable for positive reasons, like an entertaining joke from the pilot or a smooth landing.

On one particular flight, passengers were in for a lifetime memory. After everyone had settled into their seats, a stewardess began walking down the aisle. It seemed like she was wrapping up the final preparations before takeoff.

But then, she started knocking on the overhead bin.

A knock that started a party

Almost immediately, other flight attendants joined in with the rhythmic knocking. Soon, the entire plane was filled with clapping and singing from the passengers.

Suddenly, the German band VoXXclub started performing, lifting the entire plane's spirits. It turned out they were on the flight en route to Blumenau, where they were scheduled to perform at an Oktoberfest event. Both the flight crew and a significant portion of the passengers soon joined in singing their hit song 'Rock Mi,' creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Midway through the song, one band member found a microphone connected to the plane's speaker system and naturally decided to use it to amplify the singing.

The video of this unique event can be seen below

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