Stranger kisses a baby on the lips: Here's how the mother reacts

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.21 - 2023 10:09 AM CET

Here's how the mother reacts.

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Parents expect a certain level of respect and understanding from strangers when it comes to their children. However, a young mother recently experienced an incident that crossed all boundaries during her weekly grocery shopping trip.

The event took place while the young mother was in the process of paying for her groceries. The cashier, who was a stranger to the mother, approached the baby and asked for a kiss. Without waiting for a response, she kissed the baby on the mouth.

The mother was shocked and quick to react by confronting the cashier about her unacceptable action.

She asked if the cashier had just kissed her baby on the mouth.

When the cashier calmly and naturally said 'yes,' the young mother clearly and firmly told the cashier that it was not okay, saying, "No, no, don't do that."

Public reaction

Immediately after the incident, the outraged mother shared her experience on Reddit, triggering a wave of support and empathy from other parents and internet users.

Comments were filled with shock and astonishment at the stranger's actions. Many pointed out how unhygienic and risky it is to kiss a baby on the mouth, especially at a time when concerns about hygiene and disease transmission are at their peak.

One of the biggest concerns highlighted by the commentators was the risk of transferring bacteria and viruses from the stranger to the baby. Babies have an underdeveloped immune system, making them more vulnerable to infections.

Additionally, there was concern about the violation of personal and social boundaries, raising questions about general etiquette when interacting with other people's children.

While a few tried to rationalize the cashier's actions as perhaps culturally conditioned or an unconscious act, it was clear that the majority found her behavior completely unacceptable. Some commentators also brought up the issue of consent, emphasizing the importance of respecting an individual's personal space, regardless of age.

How the baby reacted

The mother's account of the incident did not specifically mention how the baby reacted to the kiss, but it's clear that the event has left a lasting impression on the mother and likely on the baby as well.

The mother's decisive reaction to protect her child and set boundaries demonstrates the natural protective instinct parents have for their children.

What would you have done if a stranger kissed your baby on the lips?

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