Student Submits Resume to 456 Companies: Internet Users Astonished by Results

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.12 - 2024 11:17 AM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
Student Submits Resume to 456 Companies.

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A student's effort to secure a job has gone viral in a video that has captured the attention and empathy of many. Highlighting the daunting challenges faced by recent graduates in today's job market, the extraordinary endeavor of a student in the job application process has shed light on the uphill battle for employment.

Oliver Wu, a freshman studying computer science at the University of Michigan, embarked on an ambitious journey to secure an internship position in the tech industry, applying to 456 internship positions.

This Herculean effort, and its astonishing outcome, was shared on TikTok, leaving viewers stunned by the sheer scale of his effort and the results it yielded.

The modern job hunt, particularly in fields as competitive as technology, often feels like an insurmountable challenge. Entry-level positions demand extensive experience, creating a paradoxical situation where one needs experience to gain experience. Determined to break into the tech industry, Wu meticulously applied to hundreds of internship positions, starting his search in July.

To manage his applications, Wu used his computer science skills to create a detailed spreadsheet. This spreadsheet tracked everything from the status of his applications and interview stages to Google search links and references to focus groups, showcasing a level of organization and dedication that is rarely seen.

Wu's daily routine involved searching for new job openings on job boards, submitting applications to those that met his criteria regarding salary, location, and role, and regularly checking for vacancies at companies where he had referrals.

In addition to the time-consuming application process, Wu also dedicated himself to practicing technical interview skills, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to securing a job.

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