The BEST Blind Audition EVER in The Voice Kids history?

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.21 - 2023 9:33 AM CET

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
The BEST Blind Audition EVER in The Voice Kids history?

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The Voice Kids Global recently re-released a 2019 audition that has captured the attention of fans worldwide. The video features two young talents, Mimi and Josefin from Germany, delivering an unforgettable performance.

Although their audition is four years old, it has already garnered 446,000 likes since its re-release. And when the global page for the talent show itself claims that it's the best audition ever, there must be some truth to it.

An unforgettable performance

Mimi and Josefin took the stage by storm when they performed Radiohead's 1992 hit "Creep." Their rendition of the song was nothing short of astonishing.

Both girls showcased their strong vocal abilities, while one also played the piano.

Their performance was so captivating that all the judges turned around to continue listening to them. They were both entranced and taken aback by the girls' sheer talent.

One listener was particularly captivated by the rendition, describing it as "by far the best version of this song." They were struck by the "haunting, sacred voices" and revealed how much they've listened to it. Their only wish? "Wish they had a full version I can find on Apple Music," highlighting a desire for more accessible ways to enjoy this particular performance

With the re-release, a new generation of fans has had the opportunity to experience their talent, and it looks like their popularity will only continue to grow.

Mimi and Josefin ended up winning the talentshow that year.

What their remarkable performance below