Unexpected "cakeage" fee shocks TikTok birthday girl: Have you experienced this at retaurants?

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.19 - 2023 9:24 AM CET

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Unwrapping the Shocking “Cakeage” Phenomenon

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Gigi, with the trendy TikTok handle @vivala_blondiiie, expected a fun-filled celebration.

Little did she know that her birthday festivities would serve up a viral sensation! She took to TikTok to reveal her astonishing $25 “1 Cut Cake” charge on a bill that totaled $113.

Cue the collective gasp from her followers. The video exploded with reactions, amassing a jaw-dropping one million views in record time.

Now, here's where the plot thickens. While many viewers, like Gigi, were completely blindsided by the charge, there were others who stepped into the conversation with some insider knowledge.

Whisperings of a “cakeage fee” began to surface, revealing a controversial industry practice that many were unaware of.

According to New York Times, this mysterious “cakeage fee” isn't just about slicing up some fondant and sponge. It accounts for servers’ time, dishwashing, and the loss of potential dessert sales.

But the burning question remains: Should restaurants inform their customers upfront?

But the cake charge wasn’t the only thing that stirred the pot. Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to spot other discrepancies in Gigi's bill, leading to more intrigue.

A $4.52 service charge? A $26 personal pizza? Turns out, the restaurant was part of a hotel, adding another layer to the pricing puzzle.

The cake saga serves as a sweet reminder to always check your bill. Whether you're dining in a downtown hotspot or a hotel eatery, surprises might just be waiting at the bottom of your receipt!

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