Video gone viral: Airline staff caught in 'mischief' near the runway

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.09 - 2023 3:15 PM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
Airline staff caught in 'mischief' near the runway.

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In the scorching heat of the Australian summer, two employees from Rex Airlines have found a unique way to enjoy their break.

According to, a video, which has now gone viral with over 1.3 million views on TikTok, lifts the veil on this activity.

The video shows the two staff members grilling burgers and sausages on an electric barbecue in the shade beneath a building close to the runway. With an improvised setup that includes an office chair and a folding table, it appears they have everything necessary for a true BBQ – burger buns, butter, and ketchup.

The video was uploaded by a curious passenger named Kirra Colquhoun, who captured the scene to the tune of Frankie Davidson's "The Aussie Barbeque Song", accompanied by the caption

'Why is the plane delayed?',

"We used to do it all the time"

But while it's not exactly something you see every day, it's actually not as uncommon as you might think.

A former employee shares in the comment section:

"We used to do this all the time! It was the best," while another adds:

"This is the most Australian thing ever, and I'm here for it."

A frequent flyer with Rex Airlines commended the airline for having the friendliest service on domestic routes and for offering the most reasonable prices, adding that he has never experienced delays, suggesting the staff deserve their BBQ.

A spokesperson for Rex Airlines acknowledged the humorous intent of the video and pointed out that the ground handling company the employees work for has been advised to find a more appropriate place for such activities to avoid any misunderstandings. It was also emphasized that the employees were on a scheduled break, and no flights were affected, which was information not conveyed in the original video.

You can watch the video of the airline staff's barbecue below:

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