Robin Williams' hilarious takedown of Trump resurfaces, goes viral once more

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.02 - 2023 2:06 PM CET


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A stand-up routine by the late, great Robin Williams has found new life on social media, tickling the funny bone of the internet with a poignant jab at Donald Trump's foray into beauty pageants.

A vintage clip from 2012 has resurfaced, featuring Robin Williams in his element, delivering biting humor with effortless charm.

In it, he humorously contrasts Donald Trump’s collection of beauty pageants with the idea of Michael Vick, once convicted for his role in a dogfighting ring, owning a string of pet shops.

The sharp contrast drawn by Williams isn't just making rounds for its humor, but also for the sharpness of his societal observations.

In the viral video, Williams cleverly contrasts Trump’s beauty pageant ownership with Vick’s troubled past, illuminating the irony in a way that only Williams could.

A Comic Legacy Lives On

Robin Williams, whose life tragically ended in 2014, was renowned for his comedy that often poked fun at public figures and the status quo.

The re-emergence of this footage is a testament to his enduring influence and his skill at staying relevant through his sharp, humorous insights into the lives of the elite and powerful.

The return of this stand-up routine to the public eye highlights the timeless nature of Robin Williams’ craft and society’s continued appreciation for incisive comedic perspectives on cultural and political personalities.

As this clip spreads across social media, it doesn't just bring a moment of joy, but also a reflection on the power of comedy to capture and comment on the complexities of our world.

In this digital resurgence of Robin Williams’ art, we are reminded of how a master comedian can encapsulate complex societal dynamics with humor that transcends time, delivering laughter that resonates with audiences long after the initial punchline.

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